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Erotic massage Bucharest – top salons in town

In Bucharest erotic massage services are very popular. Many people apply for this type of services to solve the lack of tenderness and eroticism.

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Usually people have a wrong impression, thinking that this service involves sexual contact, but in reality both the masseuse and the client are prohibited from offering, receiving and demand comprehensive sexual services. Before embarking on this kind of services you should know that you will not get sex but you get privacy, relaxation, erotic massage and completions techniques that do not include sex.

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When you arrive at a massage parlor you will be greeted by beautiful masseuses dressed in sexy gowns, dresses, lingerie or swimwear.

You have to choose the masseuse that you most like by attitude, physics, smile, each one of you according to personal criteria. Then, once chosen the masseuse you should decide on the type of massage you want.

You can choose between Swedish massage, Thai massage, relaxation massage, sports massage, hot stone massage, massage in whirlpool, four hands massage, couples massage, swing, erotic massage or lingam massage. Besides all this, according to your fantasies and available masseuses, they can meet up your fantasies of domination verbal or physical and other fetish. After choosing the desired masseuse in the room she will give up her clothes and she will remain nude, all nude she will execute all types of massage above mentioned. If you do not want nudity please specify this.

Erotic massage and lingam massage are types of massage made by a masseuse with her whole body. The breasts, bottom, thighs, legs, hands, with feet flat on the customer’s genital area.

On the site you can see the ladies available every time with a photo gallery with real pictures, a few words of description, age, experience, services and massage techniques performed by each one. All you have to do is choose the desired combination.

Our massage salons provides professional, high quality services since 2000. Among our clients there are politicians, businessmen, tourists and local people with above average incomes, all of whom agree that we are a five-star brand.

All masseuses are qualified for therapeutic and relaxation massages, are lawfully employed and own medical tests to date. Besides legality and safety we have made sure that each of the 30 girls to be beautiful but in a different way so that each of the clients retrieve ideal masseuse.

The lounges are decorated in oriental style, each room represents a a different area, each one is handmade by an interior designer. The colors, the music, the details,the materials are carefully chosen to create a state of relaxation. Everything is sanitized after each client so that you can relax without a care. Each parlor of the three that we have is centrally located in Bucharest, in elegant villas with own parking, air conditioning and approvals from state institutions.

If you want to benefit from relaxing or erotic massage in the comfort of your home or in your hotel room, you can choose desired masseuse from the gallery, make an appointment and the chosen masseuse will reach you within 30 minutes or at the appointed time . When it has reached the masseuse will have a badge and the invoice and of course the goods needed for massage. All you have to do, if you want, is to open a champagne bottle, choose some beautiful music and take a shower. Showering you can also do when the girls is arrived, together with it.

If you have not experienced before an erotic massage or a relaxing massage performed by a beautiful nude masseuse, if you want to see another joy of life we recommend you to visit our salons and to schedule a meeting.

Will be more than massage. It will be a unique experience, an adventure!

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Men’s Top 10 Sex Tips for Better Sex

Let’s face it guys: some of you need a few pointers in the bedroom. Sex is just too good to take for granted, and there are many ways for you to spice things up in the bedroom and convince your girl that you are a Greek god in the sheets.

The Yab-Yum Position

The Yab-Yum is an Eastern Indian position that utilizes the synchronized breathing between you and your lover. Have her sit on your lap on the ground with a pillow underneath her. With your hands on her back and her hands on yours, synchronize your breathing, either alternatively or simultaneously. You’ll be right on her clitoris, and it won’t be long before penetration is achieved. It is a position she controls mostly, so she will definitely enjoy it.

Clitoral Foreplay

If you jump too quick into stimulating the clitoris, it can feel a bit coarse and unpleasant for a woman. Instead, start kissing the upper thighs and stimulating other parts of the body. After a little foreplay, wet your fingers and then start on the clitoris. This way, she’s warmed up and primed perfectly for it.

Pay Your Dues

You’ve found a true tigress if at two weeks into your relationship she’s already letting you do whatever you want to her in the bedroom. Sex takes time to develop between people, and you may need to ride with conventional sex for a while before you can both comfortably test your boundaries. Learn to enjoy simpler sex together, and then you can discuss more advanced techniques to try.

Good Ol’ Sex in the Back Seat

Remember those old romantic car rides when you were younger? Why not take another sexy ride tonight? Revisiting your past experiences can greatly increase the chances for incredible sex, fueled by past feelings and that powerful innocence of a new relationship. Plus, having sex in a car is a classic sexual improvisation that at least everyone’s done at least once. Why not give it another try?

Love in an Elevator

It’s not just an Aerosmith tune. Having sex in an elevator can be very rewarding if neither of you are claustrophobic. Don’t push the stop button in an electric elevator; you’ll most likely sound an alarm, making for sex that must be quick and unpleasant. Older, freight elevators usually have no alarm, and you should be able to restart it when you’re done. Do not overlook these public sex acts; you will not get in trouble, and they are, for most people, an absolute turn-on.

Sex in the Wilderness

Get in touch with your wild side and woo her in the woods. The primal, natural landscape will help you identify with your primitive selves, making for some truly animal-like, savage sex. Having sex outside in the elements has been shown to release more endorphins in the brain, and it’s also undoubtedly pleasant on a nice day. Sex in a tent, on the other hand, is not so thrilling, but is also nice.

Pillows and Beanbags

How about a little extra texture and leverage the next time you have sex? Adding a pillow fulcrum underneath her bottom elevates her vagina, which expands its walls and allows for easier penetration. Beanbags on the other hand, have an incredible texture and “sinking” feeling that is great for sex. Anytime where you can alter her position and change the shape and response of her vagina will be greatly invaluable to your sexual diversity.

Vibration Improvisation

Break out a vibrator if she’s got one, and you’ll be on your to hearing sounds you’ve never heard her make before. Vibration has been shown more effective for female orgasm than penetration. If she doesn’t own a vibrator, you must improvise. Try using one of your phones if it has a strong vibrating function (you’ll want to sanitize it afterward, for sure!). The washer and dryer machines in your home also serve as a fantastic source of vibration. Get creative and use your imagination on your quest for vibration.

Sex on the Train

Who says you can’t be Tom Cruise in Risky Business? Sex on a train is not only fun and thrilling; it’s highly possible, especially on a late-night or early-morning train. You and your girl will love the natural shimmy and rhythm of the train, especially when it makes its stops. Don’t be surprised if you catch the conductor’s eyes peering through the cabin windows.

The Power of Chocolate

Chocolate is a mild aphrodisiac and has been predominately attributed to sex in the media and literature for many years. With such a sensual taste and smooth texture, one is immediately reminded of lust and sex when they eat it. There are few women who dislike chocolate, and you could be earning yourself some brownie points by buying her some luxury chocolate. We’re not talking Hershey’s, here; the darker and more expensive the chocolate, the better.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to bring a breath of fresh air to your sex life. All you need is the desire to want to try something different.

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Sex Advice – Improve Your Sex Life Like an Olympic Athlete

Sex is not always a sport and, although sex games and sex positions abound, it should never be a competition. However, if you want to become a gold medalist in bed, you can’t expect to sit back and hope that the best sex of your life descends on you by magic or is somehow passed down through the genes of your ancestors. You have to train.

Superstar coaches of practically every sport on the planet train their aspiring athletes with the same basic principle. No matter what the sport, competition, or activity, the best training always consists of two essential parts: mental and physical. Training must be 50% mental and 50% physical.

The physical 50% is the kind everyone who has ever watched a sports movie is all too familiar with. In sports, it involves those ten-mile hikes through the mud in the rain at 5 AM. It involves charging through barriers made of foam, stepping through gauntlets made of tires, and passing the ball back and forth until it becomes second nature.

In the arena of adult sex, the physical 50% means that you need to get as much practice as you possibly can. Know your own body like… the back of your hand. Get to know the body or bodies of your spouse, partner, or friends with benefits until you can trace them in your sleep. Don’t expect to have mind-blowing sex every time right away. Expect only to practice.

But just like in any sport, the physical 50% is not enough.

For athletes, the mental 50% involves both watching other professionals perform the right way the actions they hope to excel at and also playing back the tapes of their own performances in order to spot their own weak areas. The mental 50% is all about studying, immersing their minds in the sport, activity, or action so much so that when they get on the field, their bodies automatically follow suit.

In sex, the mental 50% can be accomplished in a number of ways.

Reading is one of the easiest ways to train your mind in the art of sex. Sex advice is readily available in large and free quantities online, so find a sex blog or sex advice portal that you love and visit it often.

Playing the tapes back is another great way to get in the mental 50%, so don’t be ashamed to find some tasteful erotica and take notes. If your partners or friends with benefits are adventurous enough, you may find it equal parts enjoyable and educational to film yourselves in various states of undress performing various sex positions and sexual acts. When you watch yourselves later, you can highlight the things you did that really made your partner scream as well as make a mental note of the things they did that sent shivers through your spine.

As you sculpt your body and your mind for the best sex of your life, don’t forget what sex is essentially all about – having fun and connecting with your partner. In sex and sports alike, perfection is never guaranteed, only improvement. offers intelligent sex advice, free sex stories, fun and intriguing sex games, new sex positions, out-of-the-box sex kamasutra for modern times, and even cheerful details such as the basics of how to flirt and what to look for in a great sex partner. We don’t believe that sex is anything to be ashamed about. If you feel the same, welcome! If you don’t, well, read a few articles anyway, and enjoy yourself. Visit for the latest and greatest sex advice and sexy ideas to spice up your sex life.

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Compulsive Sex With Strangers: A Form of Sex Addiction

For some sexaholics, their addiction shows itself through a compulsive need to have sex with strangers. The level of familiarity between sex partners can vary, and so can the methods of sexual contact.

Sex with strangers, while carrying varying degrees of risk, is not a sign of sex addiction on its own. For it to be considered addictive, a certain behavior criteria must be present. Because the behavior is being done to prevent or suppress some negative emotion, it becomes compulsive when the person repeats the behavior despite negative consequences, and their attempts to stop have failed. A true sex addict is no longer in control of their actions, like anyone suffering from an addiction or compulsive behavior.

Aside from the physical gratification of sex, which comes with a release of feel-good brain chemicals (but which help root the addiction when out of control) a person engaging in compulsive sex with strangers is seeking other mental stimulus as well. The sex addict may not be comfortable with intimacy on an emotional level, and having sex with someone they don’t know allows them to keep their distance in an abstract sense. They may feel like they don’t deserve to be in a good relationship, they may fear being hurt, or they may see an emotional connection as a trap or restriction on their freedom. Whatever the reason, they are perusing sex as an alternative or substitute to a real connection.

On the other hand, sex addicts in committed relationships can also seek sex with strangers. For any number of reasons they may find sex with a stranger more arousing and sexually stimulating than with their established partner. Sex with a stranger could be an expression of independence, a thrill-seeking affair, or they may require the novelty factor of an unknown person to become fully aroused.

For people in relationships with this form of sex addiction, they risk losing that relationship or at the very least weakening it by diverting their sexual attentions elsewhere rather than on their partner. Single people meanwhile run the risk of contracting a disease or forming a view on relationships that may deny or make difficult the formation of future healthy ones.

Sex addicts can obtain sex with strangers in a numbers of ways, some of which play into other types of sex addiction. A sex addict may favor the “traditional” method of seducing partners in social settings such as bars. The act of seduction can be a form of sex addiction in its own right, but also just the means to the end. Others may prefer sex clubs where sexual activity is more likely to occur. They may frequent prostitutes, different ones each time, and can also enjoy the act of paying for the sex, seeing it as a form of power.

Cybersex and phone sex can also be seen as types of compulsive stranger sex. While no real sexual contact occurs, it is often accompanied by masturbation and there is some interaction with a live human, not merely a recording or an image. helps individuals struggling with Sex Addiction, Porn Addiction, Compulsive Masturbation, other dangerous sexual behaviors, and the consequences of those addictions, get sober and into recovery so they can lead richer, fuller, more successful and healthy lives. We provide information, resources, articles, videos, CDs, DVDs, seminars, conferences, and membership sites to help individuals better understand what sex addiction is and how to deal with it.

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Is Trading Sex A Form Of Sex Addiction?

Trading sex is a form of sex addiction behavior characterized by some kind of exchange process being factored in to sexual activity. Sex is no longer about love or intimacy, but is a bargaining chip, a form of wealth, or something to be used as a control device.

Trading sex is not always a sign of an addiction. People may trade sexual favors for a variety of reasons, some fairly innocent, others less so. In any case, it becomes an addiction when the trading aspect is a necessary component for arousal, and the person acts out this way compulsively, with no ability to reign in the behavior.

A common example is a prostitute who finds sex for money preferable over sex within a relationship. Perhaps that person grew into their addiction after turning to prostitution or they were attracted to being a prostitute because of their addiction. When most people think of a prostitute, they think of “street walkers” as portrayed by the media. While prostitution does look like that, it can also be defined in more subtle terms. When a person who trades sex for something, being it drugs, food, position, power, objects or other favors, that scenario can be regarded as a form of prostitution.

A person engaging in such behavior, like other sex addicts, gets a rush from the physical act of sex. But an addict who has come to rely on trading sex feels something else. Power. From the outside, prostitutes may not appear to be in a position of power, but to themselves they are. They have taken on the role of proprietor, akin to the manager of a store or seller of a product. They dictate the price and delivery of what is being sold. Even those who do not see themselves as “true” prostitutes can obtain this feeling of power when they use sex to manipulate those around them because they are using it as a commodity. Prostitutes can be hooked on that sense of control, which they may not feel in other aspects of their lives.

It goes without saying the life of a prostitute is not ideal. They expose themselves to all manner of dangers, from violence to disease. A prostitute with a sex addiction may pass on opportunities to leave that lifestyle if and when such opportunities come along. For anyone suffering this form of sex addiction, they face developing a worldview where love and sex are things to be traded. They see themselves and others as objects to be bartered with, and this can lead to a fairly unfulfilling life. Sex addicts who trade sex also tend to have multiple partners, and thus run the risk of disease or at the very least a turbulent emotional life.

Many experts say childhood sexual trauma can lead to this behavior. Victims of sex abuse as children can develop self-esteem issues and emotional problems, as well as distorted views of healthy sexual activity. These things can lead to sex addiction and the treating of sex as a commodity. helps individuals struggling with Sex Addiction, Porn Addiction, Compulsive Masturbation, other dangerous sexual behaviors, and the consequences of those addictions, get sober and into recovery so they can lead richer, fuller, more successful and healthy lives. We provide information, resources, articles, videos, CDs, DVDs, seminars, conferences, and membership sites to help individuals better understand what sex addiction is and how to deal with it.

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Why Every Relationship Needs Sex Toys

Adult sex toys is a topic that is being discussed more and more these days. Thanks to the book Fifty Shades of Grey, more people are buying toys and admitting to using them. Did you know that about 45% of women ages 18-60 use vibrators? Did you also know that about 78% of those women use a vibrator with a partner?

Although the numbers don’t like, are you still one of those people who don’t understand why people use them? Do you feel that if you have an excellent sex life, why would your relationship need sex toys?

Nothing is perfect and your sex life can always improve and be even better. Adult toys help you spice up your relationship and have a more fun and interesting sex life. They also are the key to helping you and your partner express yourselves sexually.

More Sex

Everyone could use more sex and more enjoyable sex, right? We already know that sex helps you live longer, makes your heart and immune system healthier, reduces pain and stress, and improves sleep. Adult toys help couples have more sex in more adventurous and fun ways. If your sexual attitude is more playful, then your sexual relationship is more satisfying. Does that make sense?

Women’s Orgasms

About 75% of women can not orgasm through penetrative sex versus 90% of men who do. Using a toy during sex, such as a couples vibrator/couples sex toy or a vibrating penis ring, is one way to help the situation.

Faking Orgasms

If you ask men how many women they have been with you have faked an orgasm, most men will say none. This truth is that about 50% of women have faked an orgasm at least once.

If you incorporate sex toys into your sexual relationship, your chances of reaching an orgasm increase dramatically.

Let’s consider time. We are all very busy and not many of us can have marathon sex sessions every time we have sex. If she is lucky enough to orgasm through penetration, it could take up to 20 minutes. If she were to use a luxury vibrator, it could take a few minutes.

Premature Ejaculation

Many men experience premature ejaculation. The Mayo Clinic suggests that one in three men or about 30% of men experience PE. A helpful way to fight premature ejaculation is with sex toys for men and sex accessories. For example, penis rings help restrict the blood flow from leaving the penis. Male desensitizers are designed to have him feel less sensation and delay ejaculation to prolong sex.

Everyone Orgasms

Unfortunately, many men forget about their partner’s needs. The key to the best sex is that is should include an orgasm for each partner. This should be the goal every time you have sex. Sex toys can help you reach your goal and cross the finish line… together.

It’s OK to use sex toys with a partner and using toys should not hurt your partner’s feelings. Sex toys are objects and not a real substitute for a real person.

Make sure to communicate with your partner how important each person’s orgasm is. The “hows” should not matter as much as they “whys.”

She Hates Her Body

Many women are embarrassed about their body, which can sometimes lead to intimacy issues. Using sex toys during mutual masturbation can reduce the anxiety of nakedness and help create more intimacy.

If you are ready to begin using sex toys, please make sure to read my other article: How to Introduce Sex Toys in the bedroom.

Have fun and remember that experimentation never hurt anyone!

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