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Want a T-Girl Girlfriend? Transsexual Women Are Gorgeous and Sexy and They Know How to Please a Man

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I am fascinated by Transsexual women. They were born men but want to be women so badly. They make the extra effort to please a man that a woman rarely does. I have had ten times as many ‘real’ girlfriends than t-girl girlfriends. So few of the real girls I have been with have made little or no effort to give me what makes me so interested in them in the first place – a sexy woman. Transsexual women love to dress sexy. They enjoy wearing the frilly underwear and the high heels as much as the man enjoys seeing them in it. I had to almost beg most of my girlfriends to wear something I enjoyed seeing them in, with a t-girl it’s a granted.

Transsexual women are not just for sex. They are after the same thing a woman wants; to be loved by someone special. Many of the t-girls I have met are constantly on the lookout for that special someone, a much harder dream to fulfil for t-girls than for other women. Men who are interested and admire t-girls have a problem committing for the long term. The most obvious reason being that transsexual woman cannot have children. The natural urge to procreate makes the issue a real deal breaker.

In London on a Saturday night the Wayout club attracts many transsexuals and their admirers. The club has been running for ten years and is the most popular club of its type in the UK. Here you can see the most gorgeous transsexuals and buy them a drink. In fact so few good-looking fit young men attend that it’s a paradise for those that do. There is nothing seedy about this club in fact you will probably feel more welcome here than in any other club you have been in. The party goes on until 4am and there is live entertainment and you can dance until you drop.

Every time I go to Wayout I see some new faces and some old ones. There is a hard core group of regulars many of whom have been coming since the club began. There is a younger crowd too and these are the ones who will set your heart racing.

Having a t-girl girlfriend is like having any other girlfriend except the obvious difference. Transsexual women like to behave like a lady in every way possible as to them it’s a lifestyle choice. However it may come as a shock to you to see your girlfriend shaving her face as well as her legs. Holding hands with your t-girl will feel different too as transsexuals hands don’t change their look and feel as easily as the rest of their body. Not to worry the something extra more than makes up for any downsides.