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Experimenting With Erotic Parties and Happening Bars Scenes – Group Sex Etiquette

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A lot of the time researching sex leads to some interesting discoveries. Some of these discoveries are about my partner and new ways to make her sexually happy, the other times the discoveries are about myself and what I really think about sex. When I first heard about the erotic party/ happening bar scene I knew that I had to try it out, if for no other reason than the fact that I wanted to see if pushing my boundaries would help me learn something about myself.

Firstly for those that don’t know, an erotic party is when a lot of people get together (Usually in a club, which is why they are also known as ‘sex clubs’ and ‘happening bars’) and experiment sexually, mostly with group sex or voyeur fantasies. The rules are usually quite strict: no single guys, being polite and respectful of other people at all times etc.

Just standing outside one of these places teaches you a lot about yourself: you’d be amazed how many people suddenly decide that they are happier not opening those doors! You will feel nervous and it is also a good time to check that both of you want to go ahead with it. Just going in a watcher is fine and most people will be accepting of this: you don’t have to get involved if you don’t want to.

Inside the Happening Bar

As soon as you walk in you will want to on your partner’s mental state at all times. At the start it is pretty easy for her to get a little overwhelmed as sex is everywhere, so I make a point of asking my partner whether she wants to stay or not. This is one of the keys to all fantasy situations: as soon as one partner isn’t enjoying it, instantly end it.

A good place to start is the viewing area (Most clubs should have one). The viewing area is usually quite busy and so it is a good idea to chat with the other couples. Mostly it is accepted to talk with anyone about anything, even non-sexual topics, so just enjoy the interaction. The other couples are usually pretty friendly and normal: it is actually quite rare to find anyone who has really twisted views on life. The key thing to remember is that the interaction should be friendly and free. If they suggest something sexual, it is okay to refuse, they won’t be offended.

Many couples simply go to these clubs as a form of unusual foreplay. Instead of joining in with the activities, they wait until they get home, then use elements of the experience to create a sensual fantasy for both of them to enjoy.

Erotic Party Advice

While we enjoyed our experience at the party, we don’t feel any great need to go back, but we also don’t feel intimidated by the idea of going back. What we discovered was that the scene was relaxed and accepting.