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Get in Dating Shape – Why Striptease Might Be the Answer

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As it relates to looking and feeling good, exercise is essential. Doing plenty of aerobic exercise is good for the heart. It also causes you to sweat a lot and when you sweat, you release toxins that help to clear your skin. Always be sure to do abdominal exercises to achieve that flat stomach that men love. In addition, you want to use free weights to tone, and not bulk up. The goal is to look healthy, strong but still feminine. Also, the goal isn’t to be paper thin, but to have a shapely, healthy body.

For me, I dislike exercising more than anything else in the world. There’s nothing more that I hate to do than exercise. But as I get older, I’ve found that I no longer have a choice. I have to exercise to stay fit and toned. However, I do love the results from exercising as I look and feel better with more energy and vitality. Although I am mentally committed to exercise, I struggle to keep the discipline required to maintain a regular exercise routine. I’ve even worked with personal trainers, on occasion, which helped me jump start my exercise routine. Once I established the routine, I could generally maintain it for only three to four months at a time.

In the past, I would get bored with my exercise routine, but for me, my striptease and pole dancing has provided the most effective workout that I have ever experienced. The pole requires significant arm strength because most of the time you are using your arms to lift your entire body. Your arms will get very strong. For my striptease class, the dips and gyrating leg movements have really toned up my thighs and legs. You also learn great techniques for flirting and gaining confidence in your sexuality. As a result of my striptease and pole dance classes, I begin to receive the best workout of my life, including both upper and lower body toning. I ended up also losing about 10 pounds, and I developed tight, toned muscles in my arms and legs. These classes had exceeded all of my expectations.

Today, I can honestly say I’m in the best shape of my life. My butt is tight, my legs are toned, and I have more energy. My skin has a great glow as well. I love the feeling I have after I complete my workout. Upon completion, “I think to myself,” you go girl, and that usually sets me in the right direction for the rest of the day.

I know my striptease and pole dance classes were not taken for a man, but for my own personal empowerment and physical fitness. To this day, no man has ever benefited from my new striptease/pole dance skills, but I take so much pride in what I have learned. And the fitness results I get from the classes have caused me to stick with striptease/pole dance as my fitness routine of choice. It’s just simply fun and sexy.