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Pretty Bare Feet – How to Date Women With a Foot Fetish

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If you have a fetish for pretty bare feet it is likely that you have at one time or another considered looking for a partner who also shares your foot fetish. It has never been easier. Finding a foot fetish partner is easy and can be free too.

Choosing The Right Kind Of Dating Site – Your first impulse may be to choose a free dating site. Avoid these at all costs; they are free for a reason. Many free dating sites are involved with identity theft, send endless spam to your email, and use fake profiles.

Instead you should consider a paid dating site. You can choose a niche site or a big general site. To find a foot fetish personals site enter phrases into Google like “foot personals” and “foot fetish dating”. They are expensive but might be worth it if you find a foot fetish partner!

Alternatively, you may wish to choose a big general dating site. The advantage here is you get a free account that allows you to search profiles, send and receive messages, and even add friends. You get all this without using a credit card too; you only need that to upgrade for the snazzy features if you want them.

Attracting Partners With A Foot Fetish – When you create a dating profile make sure you include foot fetish keywords in it. In your title you could use the phrase “pretty bare feet”, for instance. People who are looking for a foot fetish partner will enter this into the site search and your profile will get sent out. You should also use relevant foot fetish keywords in as many other parts of your profile. This will ensure that people searching for a foot fetish partner will almost always find your profile above others.

In the past it was almost impossible to find a foot fetish partner. You can to just tell your partner that you had a passion for feet and see how they reacted. Not any more. Now there are niche sites specifically for people who love pretty bare feet. In your quest to find a foot fetish partner you can join the niche foot personals site if you don’t mind the expense or simply get yourself a free account on a big dating site. Either way, always remember to use lots of relevant keywords in your profile because this will attract the right kind of people to your profile.