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The Guidelines Of Lap Dancing – 6 Basic Guidelines To Follow

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Lap dancing is gaining popularity these days as the rules and laws related to such type of public performances have changed in many countries as a result of which the nightclubs are switching the striptease and table dance performances with lap dancing. If you are a customer or an employee of a club that has this form of entertainment then you probably want to know how to do a lap dance properly. The clubs which feature such type of dance performances and even the performers need to abide by a set of laws and rules. Employees of dance clubs as well as the customers should be aware of how to do a lap dance without breaking any rules or laws.

Following a few simple rules will enable lap dancing performances to take place to the satisfaction of both the customer and the performer. If you are thinking about a lap move dance performance with your partner in your own home then the rules don’t apply\you need not be bothered about the laws and rules but it is a good idea to talk to your partner about what their expectations are. Here in this article we have listed a couple of tips and suggestions related to how to do a lap dance in a club setting.

1. Follow the Rules – Lap dance night clubs are mushrooming at every nook and corner and today we have lots of clubs that feature this type of dancing. Before visiting any of these kinds of dance night clubs, the customer is advised to study through the rules and regulations as they may vary from club to club. If the customer does not like them then it is easy for him to go to another place where the rules are to his liking. Infringement of the club rules will get the client a talking to by the bouncer or even the customer could be banned from entering the club.

2. Paying for the Dance – A lap dance at a commercial club is a business transaction therefore patrons should make sure that they have the required fee amount and be ready to pay for it before this dance performance starts.

3. Don’t Touch – Placing your hands on the dance performers while getting a dance in a lap is a major breach of the rules in the majority of clubs. You need to keep your hands off the dancers or the bouncer will send you out of the premises and you will probably not be able to return.

4. Good Grooming – Customers of a lap dance club should always make sure that they are properly groomed and clean. In other words, they need to be dressed in clothes with no disgusting stains or smells on them. Visitors should keep in mind that this dance performer is going to be in close proximity to them.

5. Interaction – Another thing that should certainly be done is to make sure that there is personal interaction between the dancer and customer in the course of the performance. Feedback and dialogue should be exchanged and some eye contact maintained. This would make the dance performance more pleasurable for both the performer as well as the customer.

6. Say Thanks – One last thing that the patron should always do is to thank the lap dancer even if the dance was not satisfactory. Thanking the dancer is just good manners and it will probably be encouraging for her to do even better the next time. The lap dancer should also thank the patron for his business and request him to return again.